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 Personal Career Branding Is About Standing out, Not Blending In.

Are you a VISIONARY CAREER SEEKER whose resume and/or interview skills don’t quite reflect your BRILLIANCE and UNIQUE EXPERTISE?

Have you always thought of yourself as an employee rather than a PERSONAL BRAND?

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Maybe this sounds familiar....

You realize that landing your DREAM JOB will open doors you’ve only imagined and perhaps those you never thought were possible.

You are ready to take your career to the NEXT LEVEL, but have a bad case of IMPOSTER SYNDROME, or maybe you just need a POWERFUL push in the right direction.

You know what marketing is but never considered yourself to be marketable.  Marketing is only for products, right? THINK AGAIN!

I want you to begin to think of yourself as a business… a personal entity.  It’s time to position yourself as MORE THAN JUST AN EMPLOYEE.  You are a VALUABLE ASSET.

My new resume has opened interview doors for me that I wasn’t getting before!
— Cynthia G.

 AS AN HR PROFESSIONAL, I have developed unique skills and experiences to know what organizations seek in a candidate. A generalized resume is no longer catching the eye of top recruiters. You only have 6 seconds to catch their eye and a branded resume is the best way to make that first impression.

JAVELLAR JAMES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CLIENTS have experienced five times more interviews, renewed confidence in their career prospects, and job offers that before seemed impossible.

Branding packages range from $270 to $880 depending on professional level and scope of project.

Personal Career Branding services include:

  • Targeted Resumes, Cover Letters & other networking documents

  • Branded LinkedIn Profiles

  • Personal Career Brand Coaching

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“Why blend in when you were born to stand out?”