Virtual Assistant vs Online Business Manager: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. (Trust me I know!) Not only are you doing the thing you’re great at and what inspired you to go into business for yourself, but you also have to answer emails, stay visible online, manage your clients, and a host of other duties that require to keep your business going. It can get overwhelming, fast.

Maybe you've heard of both a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager but you're not quite sure how it applies to your business? Let’s explore below!

Here is how to tell the difference between a Virtual Assistant vs Online Business Manager

Virtual Assistant (VA)

The “doer”. Virtual assistants typically execute one or more specific tasks on a project or ongoing basis. Think of the VA as the one piece to your entire business puzzle. You typically will have standard operating procedures in place and an operations strategy. You just need help completing it all. The Virtual Assistant executes tasks on a one time or ongoing basis. You can hire a general VA who handles basic administrative/clerical duties such as managing your inbox. You can also hire a specialized VA for highly technical or skill-based work.

Online Business Manager (OBM)

The “game-changer.” Think of this position as more of like your Chief Operating Officer. Typically for business owners who have a team, but are finding it hard to juggle the day to day team management duties and is taking away from being the creative visionary as CEO. An OBM may also come with a team of Specialists or Virtual Assistants of their own that's ready to step in and manage your operations as well. Launching a new product or service? Your OBM can develop a strategy to get it done. You can hire an OBM on a project or ongoing basis. The possibilities are far and wide depending on your business goals.

There are numerous benefits to having a professional on your team to do all things you can’t get to. Javellar James Business Solutions provides different outsourcing options to help you increase revenue and wow your customers in the process. If you’d like to get started on growing your business, contact me now!